De-swell the vocal cords with Andrew Bryne

Institute for Vocal Advancement
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Part 1: Reducing vocal fold swelling

Andrew will present at-home exercises that you can use to reduce swelling in the vocal folds (or anywhere in the body.) Here are some of the things you will learn:—Where are the best places in the body to “prime the lymphatic pump”—Why left vs. right matters A LOT with swelling—What is THE best lower-body exercise to fix swollen cords—How rib reflexes can de-swell a specific area of vocal anatomy—A quick flow through the most important lymphatic areas in the face and neck

—Did you know your BRAIN has lymph in it? Learn how to clear it.

Part 2: Brain-based drills for the jaw, tongue, and neck

Looking for some new ways to free up key areas for singers? Join Andrew for a tour through some brain-based drills to reduce tension:—The easiest jaw reflex that never seems to be taught in schools—Why stretch reflexes can be your best friend—A dead-simple neck assessment that takes 30 seconds and will give you a ton of info—How your visual focus affects your jaw and neck tension—Why tongue isometrics can be an amazing studio tool—One tongue skill that MANY people can’t do but will change things dramatically.

This webinar with Andrew Byrne was recorded on July 7, 2022, and is approximately 2 hours long.

  • A two hour webinar recording in mp4 format

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  • A two hour webinar recording in mp4 format
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De-swell the vocal cords with Andrew Bryne

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